Tim wades next con trick

Yet again Tim wade is trying to suck people into clicking on his web pages since getting back his Google licence, after his last suspension



Wade now claims to be against all forms of corruption and will expose it fully. Wade changed tact after failing miserably, “yet again” to expose military fakes after accusing people at a whim and being proved wrong, which as we pointed out he himself was humiliated four years ago for doing himself.

Again please read this page again which shows how Tim wade operates before going further.


Or you can read our input




Not long ago Tim wade set up a new Internet business with Company’s house called PJT FLOW CREATIVITY LIMITED.


But lets look a little deeper.

The company is registered in two names, Both claim not to live in the UK.

Timothy Richard Wade  and John Desmond. Note the Correspondence address.12911001_786819528120508_2027327748_n


Now here is the interesting bit. Mr Desmond has been linked to other internet based fraud scams originating from the same address. Oh dear Timmy!



Here is the link  

Mr Desmond kept sending emails and messages to Mr Del Tin, but never showed a proof of what he was doing (doc. 8, 9, 10). His story seemed believable, but, after almost one year, Mr Del Tin asked Mr Desmond more decidedly to give him proof of his work (doc. 11). At this point, he understood the fraud. Mr Desmond assured to send him the money back for two weeks (doc. 12, 13, 14, 15), then finally disappeared. Mr Del Tin learned that his real name was not Patrick, but John. He is running a bunch of bogus websites and apparently owns some unregistered companies, to better fake his activities.
This is his previous address:
Patrick Desmond
9 Rushmere Court
The Avenue
Worcester Park
United Kingdom
His knows websites are:
http://www.pjisgroup.com; http://onepi.dnom.eu;http://www.childrecoverysolutions.com
His email: enquiries@pjisgroup.com
Landline (not disconnected): +44 2083374262
Mobile: +44 7580 725734
He made wire transfers payable to the ONEPI company, but in a written document he writes under the name of the PJISGROUP company (doc. 16).
The domain childrecoverysolutions.com is in registered the name of Pat Desmond, PO BOX 19184, London, SE28 0WQ, UK, with phone number +44.8444145158. This phone number is associated to 3149 different domains (http://www.webboar.com/whois-phone/page:2/%2B44.8444145158), many of which are related to sex, beauty products, lottery, scam job sites, etc.
The address PO BOX 19184 is associated to an apparently notorious scammer, Stuart Spice (https://www.scamwarners.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=8891), who is also listed as the Admin contact for the childrecoverysolutions.comdomain.
The domain pjisgroup.com is registered in the name of Patrick Desmond, PO Box 61359, Sunnyvale, 94088, California, United States, with phone number +1.5105952002.
In both cases, the companies of Mr Desmond do not appear in the domain registration.
The ONEPI company uses these details:
Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey
Account Number: 45857768
Sort Code: 60-60-02
IBAN: GB34NWBK60600245857768
The PJISGROUP company has another address: 9 Rushmere Court, Worcester Park, Surrey, United Kingdom, KT9 7ep, with phone +44.7580725734.
It appears that the real name of Mr. Desmond is John Desmond, living at this address:
Wilderness Cottage, 2 Gelston Road, Hough on the Hill, Grantham, Lincolnshire NG32 2BH.
Mr Desmond, apparently, bought this property and moved in recently, using the money he obtained from his frauds. This man is taking advantage of desperate parents who lost their children and cheats them, doing much harm. His many companies seem unregistered and fake. He seems a professional in creating bogus websites and companies to find his victims.
Some pictures of him are included (doc. 17, 18, 19, 20). He also runs a few pages on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pat.desmond1?fref=ts,https://www.facebook.com/pages/CRS/1500115263547314 (CRS Group). Partick Desmond is working with Donya Alnahi and Colin Chapman in fraudulant activities against my client and other parents.

PJIS Group is closed down after being exposed by some parents. Now he is running his fraud from Child Recovery Solutions Group (CRS Group) Parents must be informed about this scam

You will note from the link That Patrick Desmond also uses

Pat Desmond
an who shares Timmys link?
Then we have another dodgy chap who is your typical barrack room lawyer
Who has his own dodgy history
The findings at section 66 says it all about Wades new buddy.
” an attempt by the defendant to place the blame for a breach of the Code of Ethics on others, and to abrogate from himself the responsibility for his own conduct and actions”.  Just like Tim Wade then!

And look. Both Timmy and George are linked to Pat Desmond. Why would such upstanding people be linked to Mr Desmond who has a shady past?



And here is Both George and Timmy holding hands on the internet. Timmy Told George he had served in Afghanistan which turned out to be totally untrue. More walting from Timmy and George dropped him in it.


Here are the new dodgy web pages wade is using to con people along with his new friends.

Timmys  dodge web hosting page
Timmys dodgy internet marketing page
So Mr Timothy Wade  Pot calling kettle black! Just what are you doing Timmy? More to follow!

Tim Wade an introduction

Welcome to the world of Tim Wade Internet hardman who from the safety of his little hovel in Internetshire will troll and harass anyone he pleases.


Tim likes to think of himself as some sort of moral crusader, rooting out military fakers, scammers and fraud where ever it pops its head. BUT. lets peel back the surface and see the real Tim Wade, Internet conman!

Tim Wade has not had a very successful few years.

  • left the army medical corps after Ten and half years and only made Lance Corporal in that time due to being in the words of people who knew him. Gobby, workshy, lack of integrity and as one former Officer, Mr Hawley called him “a complete waist of rations.”
  • Had a failed marriage, read below. This was from his ex wife.

    haha see he hasnt changed!!!!! i was unfortunate to be married to this wife/child beating scum. He never owned a pub, was banned from all the local ones for being a dick!!!! on the run from the british police after skipping his probation. Always full of bullshit and always a bully……well shot of him and so are the kids who hes never bothered with in the last 6 years!!!!!!!

  • Exposed in an internet sting by the walter mitty hunters pretending to be a British Paratrooper. This was ironic as Tim Wade tried to set up a web page based on exposing such military frauds. Read here   https://thewaltercumpershunterclub.wordpress.com/2013/04/16/tim-wade-the-full-outing/
  • Exposed as an internet troll by a popular military web page called ARRSE after Tim wade made threats to post names and addresses of serving members of the armed forces. All because they would not join his web page. https://exposethewaltermittyhuntertrolls.wordpress.com/
  • Failed attempt to jump onto the The Paedophile Hunters Stinson Huner but as Deamon hunter where he used the page to settle scores by accusing innocent people by posting their names and home address’s on his page. The same MO as he tried to the members of the forces community.



Yet at the same time was running Several dodgy Sex dating pages showing pictures of women of ages which became quite concerning. This is the real reason Timinternet went down!

Other Failed Business

These include marketing scams and sites designed to build mailing lists by spreading lies about almost anything just to get the reader to click on his links

Tim Wade spam

EDL member as well but he will tell people that’s a lie


5 (2)

Tim Internet Cafè Via Sestri 202, 16154 Genoa GE44.42412526 8.85192905


Via Sestri 202-206 R







Tim Wades Scams using the internet and his

Modus operandi can be read here here


He First  leeches on to Facebook pages with high like numbers. Then try’s to get in with the admin, and suggests creating a web page for them (a freeby). He then harvests log in details where he request Emails, DOB and address, post code and Ip address. These are sold on!

Admin of these groups soon cotton to his scam and bin him. Like we did. He then goes on to Clone your page and discredit the real causes.

He has been known to try and use the email and the persons password details to log in on his page, to see if he can access their personal email accounts.

So to cap this section. Tim Wade displays all the characteristics of a sociopath

noun, Psychiatry.
1.a person with a psychopathic personality whose behavior is antisocial,often criminal, and  who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or socialconscience.